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LAST ONE – Último – 끝 – 最後の – 最后 – Course #5

WHAT a whirlwind!  I can’t believe this is my last blog entry!  FIVE courses completed in over FIVE years while living in ….. (that would be so cool if I could say FIVE countries, but….) THREE COUNTRIES! If you’ve read … Continue reading

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Reflecting on my community: Course 5 Final Project

One of my favorite places to be in Korea is this gorgeous reservoir in Suwon called Gwanggyo hosu gongwon, or better know as MY SOLITUDE.  It is a great space for me to unwind from the school day, take in nature … Continue reading

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Heroes, Idols and ELL’s

Who were your HEROS or IDOLS when you were younger? I remember being five or six years old and telling my mom that I wanted to become a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader.  I would see them on TV every Sunday and balk … Continue reading

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Teachers, Training and Typhoons – Course 5 Tipoff

A couple weeks ago I went to a Category 2 MYP training in Yokohama, Japan.  With my first Japanese stamp in my passport, I had a mental bucket list that contained the following: #1.  Stuff my belly with fresh sushi every … Continue reading

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Light at the end of the tunnel

I can’t believe we have ONE more course left in the CoETaIL cohort!  This blog post, that concludes course #4, is designed to begin work on course #5 – the finale.  I can see the light at the end of … Continue reading

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PBL – one more problem in education?

Problem based learning is actually NOT a problem – it is the solution we as educators have been looking for. While I was researching PBL’s I came across PROBLEM based learning and PROJECT based learning.  I was quite confused with … Continue reading

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Connectivism – the 8 ball of education

Reading about ‘connectivism’ and trying to assess where education will be in the future caused me to scratch my head. Isn’t this what we are doing with the CoETaIL course?  Isn’t this where our society has already landed in the … Continue reading

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Flippady do da Flippady day

How do I flip the classroom with reading?  Flippady do da, Flippady day – that is my response! I have heard about flipping and even tried it a couple of times last year with my Humanities class.  The success was … Continue reading

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Gaming in education

“With games you are allowed multiple opportunities to fail.” “Trying is what helps us learn” “We shouldn’t assess students based on a single shot that they have because in the real world there is feedback and extended opportunities.” Watching the … Continue reading

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Integrating the Generation X with Generation Z

As I read the articles about technology integration and the importance of it in education, I am reminded of all the struggles that come with gaps in generation.  I do not feel that I am an ancient teacher by any … Continue reading

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